Directly RTM i18n reference

Full RTM keys to customize

This is the list of strings you can customize in RTM.

Strings in the form {{companyName}} denote variable names and should be left untouched.

    "button": {
        "accept_and_close": "Accept & close",
        "ask_a_new_question": "Ask a new question",
        "ask_our_experts": "Ask\nour experts",
        "cancel": "cancel",
        "go_back": "Go back",
        "not_yet": "Not yet",
        "send_to_our_experts": "Send to our experts"
    "error": {
        "something_wrong_with_file": "Something is wrong with this file.",
        "processing_request": "There was an error processing your request.",
        "please_provide_a_question": "Please provide a question",
        "please_provide_your_name": "Please provide your name",
        "please_solve_the_captcha": "Please solve the captcha",
        "please_provide_valid_contact_information": "Please provide valid contact information",
        "please_provide_your_contact_information": "Please provide your contact information"
    "header": {
        "how_can_we_help_you": "How can we help you?",
        "loading": "Loading…",
        "notifying_experts": "Notifying experts…",
        "your_question": "Your question",
        "your_questions": "Your questions"
    "text": {
        "active_expert_from_now": "active {{date}}",
        "active_questions": "{{questions}} active",
        "accept_answer": "Accept answer",
        "accepting_answer": "By accepting this answer, you’ll end your conversation and give {{recognitionRecipientName}} credit for helping you.",
        "active_conversations": "active conversations",
        "added_testimonial": "We sent your testimonial to {{recognitionRecipientName}}!",
        "additional_help_part_1": "If you need additional help, feel free to",
        "additional_help_part_2": "ask a new question",
        "agree_terms_bellow": "I agree to the terms below",
        "allow_browser_notifications": "Allow browser notifications for Directly",
        "an_agent_will_be_in_touch": "An agent will be in touch via email to answer your question.",
        "answer": "answer",
        "answer_plural": "answers",
        "answer_accepted": "Answer accepted",
        "answers_from_experts": "Answers from other experts will show up here.",
        "ask_another_one": "ask another one",
        "ask_question_disclaimer": "This question may be sent to a community <span data-helper-role>expert<\/span>, subject to these {{companyName}} expert <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Terms<\/a>.",
        "image_attachment_size": "We only support image attachments for now.<br />Also, make sure the file is smaller than 10MB.",
        "badge_certified": "Certified",
        "badge_elite": "Elite",
        "badge_official": "Official",
        "chatbot": "Chatbot",
        "close_chat_session": "Close",
        "company_expert": "{{companyName}} Expert",
        "did_that_answer_your_question": "Did that answer your question? If not, we will connect you to an expert.",
        "enable_browser_notifications": "Enable browser notifications",
        "end_chat": "Yes, end chat",
        "end_conversation": "This is the end of the conversation.",
        "expert": "expert",
        "glad_you_got_your_answer": "Glad you got your answer!",
        "happy_with_answer": "Happy with {{recognitionRecipientName}} answer?",
        "helpful_score": " • {{helpfulnessScore}}% Helpful",
        "here_a_recent_answer_similar_question": "Here's a recent answer to a similar question. If you still need help, let us know and we will connect you with an expert.",
        "here_a_recent_answer_similar_question_shortened": "Here's a recent answer to a similar question.",
        "hope_you_got_the_help_part_1": "We hope you got the help you needed.",
        "hope_you_got_the_help_part_2": "You can always",
        "hope_you_got_the_help_part_3": "ask a new question",
        "how_can_we_help": "How can we help?",
        "if_you_leave": "If you leave, we’ll notify you as soon as you get an answer.",
        "image_uploaded_by": "Image uploaded by {{poster}}",
        "knowledge_base_articles": "Knowledge base articles that might help:",
        "knowledge_base_article_resolved": "This article solved my problem",
        "marked_question_as_resolved": "{{recognitionRecipientName}} marked this question as resolved. Do you agree?",
        "make_sure_gets_credit_part_1": "Make sure {{recognitionRecipientName}} gets credit for helping you and",
        "make_sure_gets_credit_part_2": "accept this answer",
        "new_answer": "New answer",
        "new_reply": "New reply",
        "notifying_experts": "Notifying<br />experts",
        "otherwise_accept_this_answer_part_1": "Otherwise,",
        "otherwise_accept_this_answer_part_2": "accept this answer",
        "otherwise_accept_this_answer_part_3": "to make sure {{recognitionRecipientName}} gets credit.",
        "problem_solved": "Problem solved",
        "question_marked_as_resolved": "This conversation has been marked as resolved since we haven’t heard back from you in a while.",
        "question_answered": "Question answered",
        "rate": "Rate {{recognitionRecipientName}}",
        "rate_your_conversation": "Please rate your conversation so we can help you better in the future.",
        "read_more": "read more",
        "read_the_article": "Read the article",
        "read_the_article_on_our_website": "Read the article on our website",
        "recently_closed_conversations": "recently closed conversations",
        "reputation": "{{numberOfAnswers}} Answers{{helpfulnessText}}",
        "reply_and_let_them_know_why": "We'll let {{recognitionRecipientName}} know that you still need help. Please reply and let them know why.",
        "response_time": "The last question took <span>{{companyName}}<\/span> expert <span>{{lastResponseTime}}<\/span> to answer.",
        "response_time_help": "Experts have been chosen to help answer questions.",
        "route_your_question_to_company_part_1": "If you’re not happy with the help you’re getting, we can",
        "route_your_question_to_company_part_2": "route your question",
        "route_your_question_to_company_part_3": "to a company representative.",
        "still_need_help": "No, I still need help",
        "still_need_answer": "I still need an answer",
        "thanks_for_your_feedback": "Thanks for your feedback",
        "user": "user",
        "uploading": "Uploading...",
        "we_are_notifiying_our_experts": "We're notifying our top experts.",
        "write_a_testimonial": "Write a testimonial",
        "write_a_testimonial_for_them": "Write a testimonial for them",
        "yes_im_good": "Yes, I'm good",
        "your_question_is_closed": "Your question is now closed to further conversation.",
        "your_question_has_been_routed": "Your question has been routed to a company representative. We’ll notify you as soon as you get a reply.",
        "you_can_accept_the_answer_after": "You can accept the answer after you send the reply",
        "you_need_more_help_part_1": "If you need more help, you can always",
        "you_need_more_help_part_2": "ask a new question"
    "label": {
        "name": "Name",
        "email": "Email",
        "email_or_phone": "Email or Phone",
        "your_question": "Your question"
    "placeholder": {
        "how_can_we_help": "How can we help?",
        "type_your_email_or_phone": "Type email or phone here",
        "type_your_name": "Type your name here",
        "type_your_email_address": "Type your email address here",
        "type_your_reply_here": "Type your reply here"